Freelance Writing
I would be happy to write content for your site, blog, advertisements, or instructional materials.
Focusing on the PHP and mySQL platforms, I have provided applications suited for a number of purposes, such as:
  • Reporting
  • Management
  • Data Processing (importing data in one file format and exporting it into another)
Web Design
All of my designs focus on accessibility and clarity, ensuring your site effectively conveys your message.
Corporate Applications
I've had years of experience with large corporations, and understand how to effectively develop to suit their needs. Rather than propose an entire restructuring of how data is handled, I focus on adapting the systems in place to suit the application.
Desktop Applications
Although not my primary focus at this time, I was a developer of desktop applications for many years. Therefore, if your application would be best suited for a local environment, I would be able and willing to fulfill your request.


Codemonkey Developer is the portfolio site for Thomas Cannon. It was inspired by a Jonathan Coulton song, and features anything I'm proud to have been involved with.

Thankfully- I've been able to work with fantastic clients, and participate in projects that have blown the competition out of the water. My dedication to customer satisfaction, reasonable rates, and timeliness make me an excellent freelancer to hire for professional, prompt, and quality work.


Most of my time is spent developing or designing applications, whether for desktops or on the web. My writing experience comes from the number of papers I've written for school (I'm editing them for the web to publish here), documentation for complicated applications, and promotional materials such as flyers and sales demos.

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