Web Design

Cerberus Website
Based on Bioware's Mass Effect 2, this website was an experiment in taking an established entity and creating a website around their "style". I really like the orange, black, and white color scheme and utilized it to focus the attention of the user towards the sidebars and images.
Lo-Res Writers Website
More of a design experiment for me, this site was meant to be as simple as possible. I wanted to create a site for low-end users (those without the most recent browsers, or low screen resolutions) which was still visually appealing and did not feel "outdated". By making the section headings large, I showed how to focus the user's attention on the content rather than the colors, using the sidebars to "frame" their perspective while also storing miscellaneous content.
Mallory Autobody
This site was created for a body shop in Hilton Head, SC. I particularly like the use of the grey bar to store the address, and breaking up the navigation with sub headings.
ABC Body Shop
This template is targeted at Body Shops who want an online presence at a low cost, while embracing newer web design trends.

Freelance Writings

An Introduction to Color Theory for Web Designers
An article written for Webdesigntuts+, a section of the Envato Network focusing on providing Web Designers with worthwhile tutorials and studies in current and future design trends. I've been a fan of their work for a while, and having some of my own published on their site is both a personal and professional achievement.

CodeCanyon Submissions

What is CodeCanyon?

CodeCanyon is section of the Envato Marketplace; a site where developers, designers, and artists can sell their work at fair and reasonable prices.

My Submissions

XML Logger PreviewXML Logger

This PHP Script contains a class which creates or updates an XML file with data stored in an associative array, using the keys for element names and the values. the script supports multidimensional arrays, nesting the array in the standard XML tree fashion.

Some great uses include: Error Logging, User Activity Logging, Login Tracking, and Stats collection.

Video Production

Artists in the Digital Age

Artists in the Digital Age from Thomas Cannon on Vimeo.

A video created for a rhetoric class discussing the role of copyright as it pertains to the consumer, how webcomics provide the best example of artists supporting themselves through The Internet, and Machine of Death.

NOTE: We forgot to Attribute Dinosaur Comics and Jonathan Coulton in the credits. Sorry!


Codemonkey Developer is the portfolio site for Thomas Cannon. It was inspired by a Jonathan Coulton song, and features anything I'm proud to have been involved with.

Thankfully- I've been able to work with fantastic clients, and participate in projects that have blown the competition out of the water. My dedication to customer satisfaction, reasonable rates, and timeliness make me an excellent freelancer to hire for professional, prompt, and quality work.


Most of my time is spent developing or designing applications, whether for desktops or on the web. My writing experience comes from the number of papers I've written for school (I'm editing them for the web to publish here), documentation for complicated applications, and promotional materials such as flyers and sales demos.

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